What to grow as Veggies when you have little time?

What to grow as Veggies when you have little time?


Gardening has become a favorite activity for people of almost all age groups. Thanks to the lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, which urged everyone to pick it as a hobby. Besides, it also taught us, how home-grown gardens can be useful. So, starting from children to grown-ups and senior citizens, mostly everyone has been showing active interest in gardening.

Growing your own kitchen garden or terrace garden has immense benefits. As you do not grow the food for commercial purposes, you tend to care more. You have control over what goes into the food. Commercially grown food crops are laden with chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides. Also, to increase the quantity of yield, growth hormones are injected. These are not only harmful to your health but also cause considerable damage to the environment.

If you want to grow your own veggies, this article gives some tips that will help you with your setup of the kitchen garden.


Why home-grown veggies are useful?

Growing your veggies at home has immense benefits, and the top benefits are listed below:

  • Home-grown veggies are rich in nutrients as they are nurtured better with organic manures, kitchen wastes, and other rich fertilizers. Also, at home, you can prepare a healthy soil mix, suitable for your garden. So, the vegetables grow better in this rich fertile soil.
  • These vegetables are fresh to the core. Imagine plucking your tomatoes, brinjals, cucumbers, mint leaves, chilies, and other vegetables and cooking them fresh! It is highly satisfying, and their freshness can be felt.
  • For a healthy body, you must be craving a bowl of fresh vegetable salad. You can have your plant-based healthy meals if you have a kitchen garden of your own. Vegetables are rich in essential nutrients. No matter how much vegetables you eat, they will always be beneficial for your health. So, home gardening can help you plan plenty of home-grown veggies in your meals, which will take care of your body in the best possible way.
  • Nothing from your kitchen garden goes to waste. When you grow them yourself, you use them optimally and do not allow any wastage of items. Even if any of the items go bad, you can use them by composting.
  • Kitchen gardening is very inexpensive. Once you make the necessary arrangements and get into the game, there is no looking back. Rather, you will love the process and find it surprising that you can grow so much with such fewer investments.
  • Another important aspect worth attention is that growing your kitchen garden can also help you remain active and productive. You spend your time amidst the greenery which helps to calm your mind immensely. Also, you tend to find some personal time out of your busy schedule.
  • Kitchen gardening can be a great activity for children especially. They can learn the importance of food and how much effort it takes to grow what they eat. Rather than spending their free time playing video games or watching cartoons, they can learn a lot of things through gardening.
  • Another best part of growing kitchen gardens is the effective and optimal utilization of space. Even if you live in a small apartment, you can use the balcony or terrace to grow your veggies and turn it into a natural green zone.


Quick Gardening Tips

Once you are fully convinced about the benefits and have made up your mind to grow your own kitchen garden, here are some quick gardening tips that will help you:


Plan well

Take the proper time to plan your kitchen garden. Decide the space, make it ready by choosing the right containers, prepare the soil bed, and make proper arrangements for the watering system. Proper space management and organization will make your garden attractive and will also save you time in the upkeep of your garden.


Keep your gardening kit ready

Keep your gardening tools ready and make a gardening kit. It will save you time as you need not search different places for different tools.


Select beginner-friendly veggies

Instead of going for a lot of veggies, start slow and select veggies that can be easily grown. Here are some examples:

  • Microgreens

These are nutrient-dense veggies that need less care and attention. They can easily grow in containers and need no elaborate arrangements.

  • Lettuce

These are also fast-growing leafy vegetables that mature within a month. They can also tolerate some shade and are convenient for growing.

  • Spinach

Spinach can easily be grown in 45-60 days. They can tolerate shade and with proper watering and care, you can grow green leafy spinach easily.

  • Kale

If you are planning to grow kale, you can grow them in containers or raised beds. With proper light and nutrition, kale grows very well, and you can harvest them in two months.

  • Chilli

You can easily plant the seeds of chili and grow them in your kitchen garden. They need no special care and are very easy to grow.

  • Herbs

Herbs like mint, coriander, curry leaf, and parsley can also be grown quite easily in your kitchen garden. You can even preserve their stems and grow them another time.


More Gardening Tips from Bharatvarsh Nature Farms

Organically grown food tastes better and has a positive impact on your health. Therefore, people are becoming increasingly conscious to start their own kitchen gardens. However, it is difficult for few people to spare time for gardening in the midst of daily home routine, office work, or with other responsibilities that leave them with very little time. Gardening does need time and attention, and we at Bharatvarsh Nature Farms can help you with the setup as well as future maintenance for your kitchen garden/terrace garden in Nagpur city.

So, if you want to start organic farming or terrace farming in Nagpur, you can easily get the best gardening tips from Bharatvarsh Nature Farms. Our expert team can take care of the entire setup right from planning to execution and maintenance. We also have one of the best nurseries in Nagpur, where you can easily get all your gardening essentials, starting from containers, tools, seeds, fertilizers, accessories, and different varieties of plants. So, reach Bharatvarsh Nature Farms to grow your own kitchen garden.

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