Discover the Best Picnic Spots for Your Outdoor Adventure in Nagpur

Discover the Best Picnic Spots for Your Outdoor Adventure - Bharatvarsh Nature Farms

Introduction Welcome to our blog, where we’re about to take you on an unforgettable journey through the best picnic spots in Nagpur! Are you ready to explore the world of picnics and discover the best spots to indulge in nature’s beauty while savouring delicious treats? Whether you’re a seasoned picnicker or new to the concept, […]

From Farm to Table: Exploring the Beauty and Bounty of Agritourism in Nagpur

From Farm to Table Exploring the Beauty and Bounty of Agrotourism in Nagpur - Bharatvarsh Nature Farms

Located in Maharashtra, Nagpur is India’s second-largest city. Additionally, it is one of the country’s largest orange cultivation centers. The city of Nagpur produces about 1.5 million tons of oranges every year, making it a leading orange producer in the world. Adding value to oranges has always been a signature of Nagpur’s orange producers. The […]

Riding Activities

Multiple fun-filled riding activities are available like bullock cart, horse ride, tractor ride, where the visitors can relive the long-lost modes of commuting. They can cycle to go around the farm enjoying nature as well as the peaceful environment that will remind them of a rural setting.

Nakshatra Van

Nakshatra Van is a Astral Garden Developed on the concept of Birth sign (Zodaic sign) and corresponding plant / tree recommended for the particular Zodaic sign. The selection and position of plants / trees in this garden are based on ancient Indian scriptures like Panchangas and Aurvedas.

India Map Lake

There is a huge lake of 10000 sqft exactly depicting India Map (This Indian map shape is also visible in the Satellite view available on Google Maps). We do make flag hosting or flag unfurling celebrations on the occasions of Independence Day and Republic Day respectively at this place to pay respect to the nation, […]

Lake View Restaurant

Picturesque location with entertainment and music for a small group of 50 to 100 guests. This Lake view massive restaurant at Bharatvarsh can be an ideal get-together zone for friends. The has following facilities; a large 10000 Sft Restaurant cum sitting area, picturesque view of the lake, games and activities for both adults and kids, […]

Photoshoot Points

The farm has multiple natural scenic photo points for selfies and photoshoots. Visitors at our farm do get tired to cover and clicking photographs of all these points. Special booking is available for professional photography to cover pre-wedding, and maternity photoshoots at Bharatvarsh Nature Farms.

Honeybee Farming

Apart from producing honey, honeybees are of huge economic importance; especially in organic farming. They are vital for the pollination of many fruit, vegetable, and seed crops. More than one-third of the world’s crops require pollination to set seeds and fruits. Honeybees are responsible for pollination and thus help in increasing the yield of several […]

Farm Villa

The farm villa offers independent stay from a large family or group of 2 to 3 families. The villa comprising 3 separate bedrooms, a hall, and a kitchen is nestled amongst trees to ensure that you are closer to nature and become one with it. The facilities here include: An air-conditioned bedroom with bathroom amenities […]

Mud House

The mud houses nestled amongst trees ensure that you are closer to nature and become one with it. Each mud house has: An air-conditioned bedroom with bathroom amenities Attached hall for comfortable sit out / additional guest Air cooler for a real natural feel Small lawn area with sit out