Tips for making vermicompost at home

Vermicomposting is the scientific method of making compost, by using earthworms. They are commonly found living in soil and they are known toincrease soil quality by recycling organic waste from many living forms into humus. Earthworms feed on the organic waste materials and give out excreta in the form of “vermicasts” that are rich in […]

Differences Between Organic and Conventional Farming Methods

  India is mostly an agricultural country. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, agriculture provides a livelihood for 70% of rural households. That is how dependent India is on agriculture. However, the agricultural vocation is highly undervalued here. Majority of us as consumers don’t even know how fruits, vegetables, and grains are developed and […]

Organic Cereals / Pulses

Seasonal crops of cereals and pulses are regularly grown at Bharatvarsh and are available for purchase from time to time. We do have consistent supplies for toor, chana, and Bansi Gehu (wheat) at our farm. Customers interested in farm-produced natural and organic products can reach us for the supply as per their requirements.

Organic Fruits

We have 25 Acres of fruit farms at Bharatvarsh Nature Farms producing a variety of seasonal fruits suitable for the climate at Vidarbha. These fresh and tasty fruits from our farms are produced completely using organic farming and are supplied as a part of home delivered basket of Fruits and Vegetables.

Organic Vegetables

We are producing a consistent supply of a complete variety of seasonal organic vegetables at Bharatvarsh nature farms to cover 100 households in Nagpur city. These home-delivered baskets are a collection of the Naturally grown freshest produce, which are completely free from pesticides & chemicals.