Organic Farming

Organic Farming

Organic Natural Greens, fruits, grains and processed products

At Bharatvarsh Nature farms, we care for the animals, environment and people in everything we do. Therefore, we use all the safe practices like Organic or Natural Farming or Zero Budget Natural Farming that provides natural output for our customers, ensures good feed for our cows, and also improves the quality of the soil with each crop. We are fully committed to supply the farm produce, which is always healthy, fresh and tasty. We have:

  • A food forest, as the name suggests, is a food crop garden comprising different species of fruit plants, perennial vegetables, edible herbs, and medicinal plants grown together with minimal human intervention; just like a jungle.
  • Multiple fruit orchards for all the native fruit varieties; ranging from Guava, Custard Apple, Mangoe, Banana, Papaya, Orange, Sweet Lemon, Sapota, Jamun, Apple Ber, Anjeer and Coconuts.
  • Vegetable farms to grow all the seasonal vegetables for consumption at farm restaurant as well as for our customers.
  • A specialised medicinal garden with 60 plus varieties of Indian medicinal herbs and spices. You can learn about these plants and their medicinal values from the information displayed against each plant at medicinal garden.
  • Regular production of organic cereals like Toor, Chana, Wheat, etc., which are available for purchase at farm throughout the year.
  • Production of fodder and silage that are completely free from dangerous chemicals. Bharatvarsh has Vidarbha’s only silage bale plant to produce high quality nutritious silage bales from green fodder using the modern technology. These silage bales weigh about 50 to 80 kg and are available at reasonable prices throughout the year.                                                        

The flora contributes to year-round greenery to this picturesque location and also ensures supply of organic produce from these farms. Proper roads or pathways have been laid through fruit orchards, food forest, medicinal garden, vegetable fields, and fodder fields for visitors to walk and enjoy their time with nature. Visit to our farm will not only be refreshing but also highly learning experience. Visitors can also buy these fresh organic fruits and vegetables from sales counter available at farm.

If you live in Nagpur, we invite you to join our food journey. Enquire today for the weekly supply of fruits and vegetable basket.