Terrace Gardening / Rooftop Gardening – Everything You Need to Know

Terrace Gardening / Rooftop Gardening – Everything You Need to Know

The crowding of cities has left no space for gardens. On the top of it, the climate change and rising pollution level makes the matter worse. The absence of greenery has also added to the exhausting city life. To overcome the constraint of space, urban dwellers have been resorting to terrace garden or rooftop gardening to create their own green space. As terraces receive adequate sunlight, plants grow quite well. Besides, it requires minimum but consistent efforts to create and sustain a terrace garden. Gardening is therapeutic too and is a popular hobby that can be developed easily. A rooftop garden can help you utilize your terrace optimally, beautifying your home and also taking care of your daily dose of greenery. Beautiful flowers, fresh fruits, and vegetables can be grown in terrace gardens organically. So, Rooftop Garden or Terrace Garden is a worthy investment.

Starting a Rooftop Garden

A Rooftop Garden Installation requires proper and systematic planning. Designing the layout and utilizing the space efficiently is quite important. It is also required to assess the terrace capacity and decide on the weight that rooftop can bear. As water can damage the structure of the house, waterproofing should be considered to prevent leakage. Installing a proper drainage system can ensure the immediate removal of saturated water and avoid damages to the building. After taking care of these basic constructional requirements, one can proceed further towards arranging other required resources as discussed below.

  • Containers

Setting up plants requires containers. These containers can be easily bought from nurseries. Also, there are plenty of options available online. UV treated grow bags, pots made up of clay, ceramic, cement, wood or metal, or even old paint boxes, fruit or vegetable crates are good options. Although plastic containers have different benefits, it is better to avoid plastic as they may break off or even melt due to hot sun rays. Besides, if you plan to utilize the vertical space as well, you can opt for hanging pots, designed stands, and potholders too.

  • Soil

The quality of soil affects the growth of plants. As soil provides the required nutrients, it must be selected accordingly. Fertile soil, rich in minerals and moisture is important. Chemically treated soil must be avoided. There are also soil mixes available in nurseries that offer good results. You can also prepare them with compost and other required ingredients.

  • Fertilizer

Plants need regular feeds for better growth. Organic fertilizers are better options as chemical fertilizers seep into the yield. Manure, liquid fertilizers, slow-release fertilizers, vegetable composts are good alternatives as they are eco-friendly.

  • Tools

Gardening tools like pruning scissors, shovels, gardening rake, watering can etc are also required.

  • Plants

Different types of plants can be grown in the terrace garden. Fruits and vegetables bearing plants, flower plants, ornamental plants, etc. can be chosen.

Great Plants for Rooftop Gardens

Some of the rooftop-friendly plants have been discussed below:

  • Flowers

You can develop beautiful flower beds on your terrace. Seasonal plants like Marigold, Rose, Hibiscus, Daisies, etc.are grown in rooftop gardens.

  • Perennials and succulents

Grasses and ferns are popular perennials that you can include in your terrace garden. Besides, succulents like cacti and aloes require very little maintenance and can be grown easily too.

  • Dwarf trees and shrubs

If your roof can bear adequate weight, you can go for dwarf trees and shrubs like Japanese maples, lemon trees, conifers, pines, etc. They require a big pot, but look beautiful.

  • Vines and climbers

Virginia creeper, ivy, clematis are some of the vines and creepers that you can add to your terrace garden. They can be grown on the walls as well.

  • Veggies to Grow on Rooftop Garden

A Rooftop Vegetable Garden is a very good place to grow healthy organic veggies, as vegetable plants like tomatoes, potatoes, onions, carrots, chilies, capsicum, beets, etc. grow well in terrace garden with a little effort. Depending upon the seasons, temperature, soil quality and other factors, these vegetables can be grown on rooftop gardens.

  • Tomatoes in Terrace Garden: Tomatoes can be easily grown in containers and raised beds. They do not need much maintenance and grow easily when they receive adequate sunlight and water.
  • Onions in Rooftop Garden: Onions are quite easy to grow. Even green onions can be planted.
  • Growing Potatoes in Pots: If there is enough space to grow, potatoes can be planted on the rooftop gardens. They require very little maintenance.
  • Growing Capsicum In Containers: Capsicum is also a good option for rooftop gardens. They grow quite well in pots and containers.
  • Growing Beets in vegetable garden: Beets even grow in small spaces. They are very healthy and you can easily grow them on your terrace.

Benefits of Terrace Garden

  1. Terrace gardens can help you easily grow your own nutritious veggies and fruits. They are better and healthier than the ones grown on a large scale using huge amounts of chemicals.
  2. Rooftop garden also keeps the home cool, creating a micro-environment that helps in lowering the temperature. It also makes a green surrounding and improves the air quality.
  3. It is beneficial for the environment as well. It can also help in retaining the rainwater.
  4. A rooftop garden is a perfect utilization of unused space. They give aesthetic pleasure too.
  5. With a minimum investment of time and money, you can create a very comfortable and peaceful space that  can uplift your mood and disconnect you from worldly chaos.

Rooftop Garden Installation in Nagpur

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