Bharatvarsh Nature farms is an idyllic respite for those who want to unplug from the outside world and immerse in the charming warmth of nature. The destination presents you with an opportunity to spend time with nature in the most natural way. The guests can spend some beautiful moments in a refreshing and pollution free setting away from the chaos and pollution of city.

Come at Bharatvarsh to enjoy the company of your family or friends amidst nature and spend time inside Food Forest (Comprising 100s of different fruit and vegetable plants), medicinal garden (which has more than 50 different varieties of plants with medicinal value), fruit gardens (we have papaya, mango, guava, custard apple, orange, banana and chiku gardens), vegetable gardens (we grown both domestic and exotic vegetables) or leisurely sit lakeside to cherish the calmness and beauty of the nature. Right from feeding our animals; cows, rabbits and hens, working in farms, spending time with rabbits/ducks, walking through the farm or silently meditate at Ekant, or engage in fun-filled activities like cycling, bullock cart ride, beach volleyball, sand football or playing your favourite childhood game, Bharatvarsh has a place for everything. 


Be it a family of 4, an extended family of 44, a school picnic, a corporate day-outing, or a birthday party, our garden of trees invites you to escape the ordinary and spend time around lush green beauty of nature. The place is highly adaptable and can accommodate a various degree of requirements. A long highway drive with family or friends on gives you extra enthusiasm in looking at the fields and greenery surrounding your way. 


Visitors at our farm are offered with simple yet healthy meal for lunch. The meal is prepared from the vegetables and crops, which have been organically produced at the farm itself.


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