Types of Indoor Palm Plants for Indian Climate

Indoor Palm Plant - Bharatvarsh Nature Farms

Keeping indoor palm plants in your office or home have numerous benefits. In addition to providing warmth and a sense of relaxation, they can reduce air pollution and create a comfortable atmosphere. The best way to improve the appearance of your home is to add palm plants indoors. Due to their ease of maintenance and […]

Top 20 Low Maintenance Plants for Easy Landscaping in Nagpur, India

Landscaping Plants - Bharatvarsh Nature Farms

Greenery adds a high amount of positivity to your space and it’s easy to fall in love with gardening. But maintaining plants is another story as you may not be lucky enough to look after them all the time or look after their nourishment. Additionally, it would be helpful if you have knowledge and expertise […]

Top 10 Hedge Plants for Live Fencing in Nagpur, India

Hedge Plants - Bharatvarsh Nature Farms

There are several ways to build a living fence especially in a city like Nagpur, India. Hedge plants offer seclusion, security, and aesthetic value to your environment, making them a great choice for living fences. Additionally, they make your surroundings greener and might lessen noise pollution. Not all plants, however, are suitable for this use. […]

10 Easy Steps to start an Organic Garden at Home?


10 EASY STEPS TO START AN ORGANIC GARDEN AT HOME? With the growing public awareness for the pollution and pesticides in food items, many individuals desire to integrate organic foods into their regular meals. These organics are often substantially more expensive than their conventionally farmed equivalents. Good this is that you can start organic gardening […]

What is the Best Plant Nursery to visit in Nagpur?

Flourishing greenery is quite alluring. With time, people have realized how important plants are, not only for the environment but also for our aesthetic peace. Many people have developed gardening as a hobby and once you turn towards gardening, there is no looking back. You will go on countless visits to the nursery, looking for […]

Role of Vermicompost and Its importance in Plant Growth

What is Vermicompost? Worm manure, often known as vermicompost or earthworm castings, is a type of worm dung. Many horticulturists believe worm castings to be one of the best soil additives available. The nutrient level of castings is determined by the substance provided to the worms, and worms frequently eat extremely nutritious things like food […]

Indoor Plants that Clean the Air & Remove Toxins

Indoor air quality is a priority nowadays as removal of indoor toxins is necessity for a healthy home. Poor air quality is a risk to health and well-being. Indoor pollutants like volatile organic compounds, oxides of carbon, nitrogen, phenols, formaldehyde, disinfectants, etc. are quite common. These invisible toxins can affect health, causing ‘sick building syndrome. […]

Know about Bharatvarsh Plant Nursery in Nagpur

A greener world is definitely a better world. The alarming rate of pollution, extremities related to climate and weather change, make us all turn to plants for rescue. More plants mean fresher air and a better environment. With time, people have become more environmentally conscious. They want to create their own green space and invest […]

Top Gardening tips for this Monsoon

Everyone in India eagerly awaits the monsoon season, which begins in late June. The cloudy sky, the first rain and the smell of moist earth are indescribably pleasant. The cool, moist air of the monsoon pervades the whole area.Long nature showers, a nice wind is a moment to relax for us and is also a […]

Terrace Gardening / Rooftop Gardening – Everything You Need to Know

The crowding of cities has left no space for gardens. On the top of it, the climate change and rising pollution level makes the matter worse. The absence of greenery has also added to the exhausting city life. To overcome the constraint of space, urban dwellers have been resorting to terrace garden or rooftop gardening […]