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Farm Fresh Superior A2 Milk and A2 Milk products

The dairy section @Bharatvarsh Nature farms is committed to supply superior quality of A2 milk drawn from indigenous breed of cows. The farm houses close to 200 indigenous (desi) cows of two special Indian breeds – Gir and Rathi:

  • Gir cow is a special milk breed of India which is mainly found in Gir hills of Gujarat, forests of Kathiawar and adjoining districts. This breed of cows is now famous worldwide for producing high quality A2 milk. Lord Krishna has also served Gir cow since Vedic times.
  • Rathi cow is found in the north-western parts of Rajasthan (Ganganagar, Bikaner and Jaisalmer) but it can easily live in any area. Rathi cow is one of the best dairy breeds of India and is also known as “Kamdhenu of Rajasthan”. Its high-quality A2 milk has a high fat content, which makes this milk much healthier than milk from foreign breed cows.

At Bharatvarsh, we care for the young or old cows alike. All the cows in our farm are fed high quality organic fodder grown on our land, which is cultivated using cow dung and urine as manure and is free from any chemical sprays. We also give them a combination of other nutritional feed intakes like jaggery, sugarcane, sea salt, in combination with cereals like Makka / Chana / Jowar etc. Everyday the cows are given time for grazing on natural green fields, where they get to eat native shrubs along with green grass and get time to socialise. This ensures them with strong immunity and adds high medicinal value to their milk too.

The milk received from our Gaushala is chilled and bottled at our dairy for the supply as fresh A2 milk to customers across Nagpur and Umred. We also make A2 Malai Paneer and Cow’s Billona A2 Ghee, which are available for sale on the counter at our farm or can be ordered over phone for free delivery at your address.

If you are from Nagpur or Umred, and are interested in daily subscription / purchase or dairy products,