Top 5 Ghee Benefits for Babies & What Brand to Prefer

Top 5 Ghee Benefits for Babies & What Brand to Prefer

Ghee has a special place in Indian culture and has been used for numerous purposes. It has been used for cooking, religious purposes, and for beauty rituals. Ghee has been used for thousands of years in Indian dishes. It also improves the taste of the food phenomenally. Recently, it has been recognized as a super food at a global level. It has immense health benefits that help in the development of the mind and body. Nutritionists all over the world have elaborated on the benefits of ghee and how it should be consumed regularly for better health.

Earlier, parents were skeptical about usage of ghee in case of babies. As ghee is very rich in nutrients, some think that babies will find it difficult to digest. However, ghee has been used in the diet of babies from generations, as it helps in their growth and nourishment. If you want to know more about the benefits of ghee for babies and what brands are preferable, then here is a detailed discussion:

What are the Benefits of Ghee for Babies?

Ghee is a power house of nutrients. As babies need higher amount of nutrition for their growth and development, ghee acts as an excellent nutritional source for them. It nourishes them and acts as an immunity booster. Few of the advantages of using ghee for babies are listed here:

  • Decreases the chances of infection

Ghee is rich in antioxidants. It also has fat-soluble vitamins that help in nourishing the immune system. Thus, it helps in developing defense mechanisms, improving immunity and powering up the digestive system in babies, However, it is important to give ghee in optimal quantities. Over feeding It can lead to digestive issues or other problems.

  • Energy booster

Ghee has high calories. So, it is a rich source of energy and helps in boosting up the stamina of babies. It also keeps them energetic and helps them in absorbing calcium. Overall, it acts as an energy booster as well as it strengthens the bones of babies.

  • Helps to regulate thyroid hormone function

Thyroid imbalance leads to a variety of problems, and it is therefore, essential to keep these hormones at the right level for proper growth and development. As ghee is a good source of iodine, it helps in regulating the functioning of the thyroid hormones.

  • Treating eczema in babies

Red, dry, and itchy skin is very common in case of babies. It normally leads to Eczema, which is a skin infection caused due to dryness and other factors. As ghee is rich in fats and oils, it has moisturizing properties that help in treating this condition. Ghee can be rubbed over the infected area to soften the skin.

  • Using ghee as massage oil

Ghee has warming properties too. Ghee has been used as a massage oil for babies since a very long time. A ghee massage can protect your baby from cold. Besides, it also helps in improving the blood circulation, strengthening muscles and bones, and nourishing the skin. Regular massage also makes the babies more flexible.

Why Eat Ghee Every day?

Few people considered ghee unhealthy for the babies. Therefore, they started avoiding it and restricted using Ghee for their babies, fearing that it may affect them adversely. But after proper research, nutritionists have claimed that it is very healthy and can be eaten every day, Infact, they recommend that ghee is essential for the overall development of babies and must be included in their diet regularly.

  • Ghee is Lactose-Free

Generally, milk products are rich in a form of sugar called lactose. However,everyone cannot digest lactose as this sugar leads to digestive issues in many. Mostly the babies are lactose-intolerant. People fear that ghee, being a dairy product, also contains lactose and thus, should be avoided.

But ghee is traditionally made by churning the fatty milk cream, simmering it in heat and separating the fat.The lactose sugar is removed in this process and Ghee is free of lactose. Therefore, babies can safely consume it.

  • Casein Free

Milk contains a type of protein which is called as casein. It is not easily digested and can cause health issues. Some may develop allergic reactions to this protein. Babies, being so sensitive, also face problem in casein digestion.

Ghee is casein-free as it is cooked for a long time. But it is important to confirm it from the label if the ghee is free of casein or not.

  • Ghee is a source of butyric acid

Butyric acid is a short-chain fatty acid. It has anti-cancerous properties and improves biological responses. Because of the presence of butyric acid, ghee also has healing properties. It calms down the gut and improves metabolism too. Therefore, it is recommended for babies as it improves the gut health.

Recommended Ghee Brands in the Market

Undoubtedly, home-made ghee, prepared traditionally, is the best choice. But it consumes a lot of time and effort. So, people usually turn to ghee produced commercially by different brands.

But most companies try to increase their profit share through adulteration. Such products affect health adversely and are not safe for babies at all.

Amul, Britannia, Patanjali,Jersy, Milky Mist and Sri SriTattva are few of the very common brands of ghee in Indian market. Organic ghee is always preferred over the commercially available brands as it is free from added chemicals, hormones, or pesticides.


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