Fresh A2 Milk

Fresh A2 Milk

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What is A2 Milk (Gir Cow milk)? 

Desi cow breeds or Gir cows generate the majority of A2 cow milk in India. The presence of the A2 protein in milk of Indigenous/Indian Breed cows (e.g., Gir cows / Rathi cows) distinguishes it from milk from other breeds. The distinction between A2 milk and A1 milk is not merely a matter of naming but there different chemical constituents of the milk due to different cow breeds. The milk from other breeds contains A1 protein, which is found in hybrid or cross breeds and lacks most nutrients found in A2 milk. Jersey cows and other crossbred cows produce A1 milk, which comes from cows of European heritage. There is a significant variation in how our bodies digest the two.

Casein and whey are the two proteins found in cow’s milk, providing 80% and 20% of the total protein composition respectively. Three types of casein present in cow’s milk are Alpha casein, kappa casein and beta casein. A1 and A2 are two different types of beta casein. BCM-7, an opioid peptide (which is another element released after the digestion of A1 milk protein) has negative health consequences in some persons since it is poorly absorbed by the body. 

Since the early 2000s, A2 milk has been consumed globally. However, it only became popular in India a few years ago, and it is promoted mostly for its health benefits. However, in comparison to A2 milk, A1 milk is widely produced and sold in India because of high yielding cross breeds.

Nutrition Information of A2 Cow Milk

A2 milk is the original form of milk, and is identical to human mother’s milk, whereas A1 milk, which differs only by one amino acid, is difficult for many to digest. According to studies, long-term use of A1 milk might lead to cholesterol build-up and potentially Type 1 Diabetes. There have also been correlations to neurological disorders and autism in rare circumstances. A2 milk, on the other hand, is regarded as the elixir of life due to its great nutritional value. It has proteins that our bodies can’t make on their own. As a result, we must receive it through our diet. Either directly or indirectly through the intake of relevant milk products. 

Facts of A2 Milk

  • Rich source of protein – A2 beta casein
  • Best nutrition for breastfeeding mothers
  • Calcium and vitamin-rich
  • Best for weight loss
  • Healthy for Heart
  • Easy to digest
  • Excellent for kids

Is A2 Milk Easier to Digest?

The debate over A1 vs. A2 milk has raged on for years among dairy consumers. However, you may have also heard that organic A2 milk, as compared to A1 or other milk, is easier to digest and even good for lactose intolerant persons. That is somewhat true, according to scientific study.

Digestion enzymes in our stomach are unable to break A2 beta-casein when we consume organic A2 milk, so the peptide fragment BCM-7 is not generated. Since A2 beta-casein is easier to digest and therefore Lactose intolerant persons don’t have to give up dairy.

If you are milk intolerant and would like to understand the responsiveness to A2 milk, go dairy-free for a month to clear your system of casein. Then try A2 and pay attention to any symptoms you might have — after consuming the A2 cow milk.

Potential Health Benefits of A2 Cow Milk

Bone Health: Milk is best known for its high calcium content, which aids in bone growth and repair. It also aids in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, or bone weakening. 

Maintaining a healthy blood pressure: Excessive blood pressure is commonly caused by high triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Consuming extra omega-3 fatty acids, such as those present in A2 milk, may help to decrease cholesterol levels. Those who consume A2 cow milk have lower blood cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides. A2 milk contains potassium, which is beneficial to your blood pressure.

Strengthen your Immune system: Vitamin A is essential for maintaining your immune system’s strength, and it’s most found in animal products like A2 milk. Vitamin A supplementation improves immune system cell responsiveness and control.

Eyes stay healthy: Vitamin A supports the health of your retinas and corneas. A2 milk contains vitamin A, which may help your eyes stay healthy. Drinking milk daily as part of a well-balanced diet may help your body avoid cataracts and maintain clear vision.

Changing your mood: Vitamin D is necessary for the treatment of mood disorders including seasonal affective disorder (SAD). When people with SAD consume vitamin D-rich foods like A2 milk, their symptoms may improve.

Other than the above, Calcium content (which is present in abundance in A2 Milk) is also present in several successful acid reflux therapies.

Why to consider A2 Cow milk over A1 milk

To build our immune system and strengthen each area of our bodies, we must consume high-quality food products. Milk is one of those foods that has numerous advantages and contributes to a healthy lifestyle by keeping our body and mind active. The benefits of A2 Cow Milk / Gir cow milk are obvious, and various scientific reports encourage its usage. Quality is another important aspect especially for the food products, and we should be always mindful of the quality of products we consume.

Why Choose Bharatvarsh Nature Farm for Fresh A2 Cow Milk

We are dedicated in providing high-quality A2 milk from indigenous breeds of cows. Nearly 200 indigenous (desi) cows are housed in our dairy section of Bharatvarsh Nature Farms. All the cows in our farm are fed organic fodder produced on land that is free of chemical sprays and is cultivated using cow dung and urine as manure. 

Fresh and unadulterated A2 Cow Milk which is free from preservatives or chemicals is delivered within a few hours of the cows being milked. When you buy milk from Bharatvarsh Nature Farms, you experience the actual definition of organic and fresh.

Buy A2 Cow Milk in Nagpur and Umred

You can now order our dairy products for delivery in Nagpur and Umred. You can also visit us at our farms At Post Virli, Taluka Umred, Dist. Nagpur – 441204 (MH)

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