Know about Bharatvarsh Plant Nursery in Nagpur

Know about Bharatvarsh Plant Nursery in Nagpur

A greener world is definitely a better world. The alarming rate of pollution, extremities related to climate and weather change, make us all turn to plants for rescue. More plants mean fresher air and a better environment. With time, people have become more environmentally conscious. They want to create their own green space and invest in such aesthetic pleasure that pays off better than the materialistic ones. Be it a small balcony or a big terrace, you can add some greens to your place if you want to. A visit to the nursery will compel you to invest in greenery. If you want to buy some greens, you can visit Bharatavarsh Nursery in Adyali Bypass, Nagpur and you will have plenty of options to decide from.



About Bharatvarsh Nursery 


Bharatvarsh Nursery is committed towards creating a greener and better world for the future generation.There is a large variety of fruit plants, flowering plants, medicinal plants, decorative or ornamental plants, and indoor plants available. Plants are produced in house as well as procured from different regions as per the demands of the customers. Being a wholesale nursery, the plants are offered at wholesale prices. Besides plants, organic manures and pesticides as well as different pots and planters, along with other garden essentials are also available in the nursery. Huge variety of plants are displayed at the Bharatvarsh Nature Farms that attracts many visitors.



Types of Plants for Sale @ Bharatvarsh Nursery, Nagpur


Bharatvarsh Nursery has large collection of plants of different varieties, sizes and according to different needs. They have:

  • Fruit Plants

Having an in-house lawn, terrace garden or farm house can be a blessing in disguise. You can easily get your share of edibles and moreover, you can be assured of the quality. Growing different fruit plants can help you get organic fruits, free of chemicals and preservatives. Mostly, these fruit plantsgrow wellin open spaces, but there are smaller plants that you can plant in potsat your terrace garden as well. Bharatvarsh Nursery has so many options available if you are looking for fruit plants. They have varieties of Mango,Pomegranate, Guava, Orange, Sweet lemon, Custard apple, Apple Ber, Jamun, Anjeer, etc.

  • Bamboo Plants

Bamboo plants are quite popular among plant lovers. It is believed that they increase the positive energy of a place and bring health, wealth and good luck. You can keep them indoors as they are considered auspiciousaccording to VastuShashtra.  If you have a large space, you can plant bamboo plants in open. Else, you can opt for small size bamboo plants.Different varieties of Bamboo; Green Bamboo, Buddha Bamboo are available at Bharatvarsh Nursery. Besides,they are available in different sizes.

  • Flower Plants

Flowers are a favourite of all as they instantly uplift your mood with their beautiful colours and fragrance. There are seasonal varieties as well as perennial varieties to choose from. You will find plenty of options to choose from at Bharatvarsh Nursery. They can help you create a beautiful place for yourself. You can choose different varieties of Rose, Hibiscus, Jasmin, Icora, Jatropha, Anthurium, Plumeria, Duranta, Gerbera, Bougainvillea, etc. Besides, they are also easy to maintain with adequate sunlight and water.

  • Palm trees

Palm trees are quite popular plants these days, and there are different varieties of indoor as well as outdoor palms available. They look beautiful when kept inside the living room. They are quite easy to maintain and look very elegant. There are different types of palm trees available at Bharatvarsh Nursery like Royal Palm, Foxtail Palm, Areca Palm, Raphis Palm, Bottle Palm, Phoenix Palm, etc.

  • Decorative Plants

Decorative plants or ornamental plants assist in creating a beautiful and pleasing environment. They can add a dramatic element to your home and complement the interiors as well. With so many options available at Bharatvarsh Nursery, like, Coleus, Asoka, Golden Pothos, Silver oak, Croton, Ficus, etc, you can easily get one for your home and add some eye-catching aesthetics.

  • Medicinal Plants

Ayurveda has always backed up the fact that medicinal plants are effective for common ailments. They can help boost immunity and also do not have side effects. There are different advantages of having medicinal plants apart from therapeutic healing. They can be used for different natural remedies too. If you are looking for different varieties of Betel leaf, Curry leaf, Mint, Neem, Lemon grass, Drumstick, Indian gooseberry to grow in your kitchen garden, all of these are available at Bharatvarsh Nursery.

  • Timber Plants

Bharatvarsh Nursery also has different varieties of timber plants like Teak, Red Sandal,etc. available at a wholesale price.



Other benefits of visiting Bharatvarsh Nature Farms


Bharatvarsh Nature Farms is committed to nature and tries to inspire others too. There are about 25,0000 healthy trees growing at their main premises, which is located 39 Km from Zero mile Nagpur on Nagpur-Umred Highway at Post Virly, Taluka Umred and it creates a picturesque ambience. It has become a popular one-day picnic spot for family picnics or get-togethers. The farms present a beautiful rural picture through its dairy farm, animal rearing practices, and organic farming methods. It is a beautiful place that will surely bring you closer to nature.

For any further information visit the website :

You can also call us on 91-8603214214 or write to us at

Retail Nursery Location:


Ram Coolers Factory, At Post Imergaon, Adyali Bypass,

Nagpur-Umred Highway, Nagpur-441204 (MH)

Farm Location:

Bharatvarsh Nature Farms,

39 Km from Zero Mile Nagpur on Nagpur-Umred Highway,

At Post Virli, Taluka Umred, Dist. Nagpur-441204 (MH)


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