Best ecotourism destinations in and around Nagpur

Best ecotourism destinations in and around Nagpur

Ecotourism is all about responsible travelling. Presently, sustainable living has been grabbing attention as environmental consciousness is being promoted. As environmental conservation is the need of the hour, ecotourism is being prioritized as it is centered around the environment and helping the local communities. It is a booming industry as more ideas are being developed and conceptualized aiming at long-term sustainability. Protecting the natural resources and local ecosystem, focusing upon long-term sustainability is the primary goal of ecotourism.

Principles of Ecotourism

Ecotourism is concentrated around the following principles:

1)    Sustainable business practices

The aim of sustainable business practices is to maximize self-sufficiency by minimizing the environmental impacts. Creating a self-sustainable zone through eco-friendly practices like installing cleaner energy generating systems, minimizing the usage of plastics, and promoting environmentally friendly materials, managing waste effectively, using water judiciously and regulating wastage of water, introducing different environmentally friendly practices like reusing and recycling, etc.

2)    Community development

Strengthening the local communities and working towards their development is an integral part of ecotourism. Supporting these communities by involving them in the business will help in preserving the local traditions and culture as well. For example, businesses try to promote the products created locally, like crafts, clothes, food products, etc. Sharing socio-economic benefits with these local indigenous communities is also important.

3)    Environmental Stewardship

One of the main objectives of ecotourism is to create memorable experiences for the tourists that will help them in appreciating nature and wildlife. So, activities like hiking, canoeing, cycling, cooking, etc. are introduced. These also encourage visitors to volunteer and take part in different environment preservation programs. Providing them with positive experiences and building environmental awareness is the goal.



About Tourism in Nagpur

Nagpur, the winter capital of Maharashtra, is also the greenest city officially. The city has also been graded with A-class tourism. As Nagpur houses the largest hollow Buddhist stupa Deekhsabhoomi, it is also a pilgrim site that attracts tourists from all over the world. Besides the religious attractions, the place is surrounded by tiger reserves like Pench Tiger Reserve, Tadoba National Park, Bor Wildlife Sanctuary, Kanha Tiger Reserve, etc. The city also has zoos, gardens and lakes that are popular tourist spots. Therefore, Nagpur Tourism is very well developed and the government as well as private companies are currently working towards fostering ecotourism in the place. The city has already taken a step ahead with different projects, and citizens are also accepting these endeavors wholeheartedly. With such a positive response, it can be predicted that soon many eco-tourist spots will be developed, and environmental conservation will be promoted at a large scale.



There are many beautiful places to visit in Nagpur and Umred. Lakes are the main attraction for local tourists when it comes to day tourism.

There are precisely eleven lakes in Nagpur. Ambazari Lake and Garden, the largest lake in the city, is a popular tourist spot. Having plenty of flora and fauna, it is a top tourist attraction in Nagpur.

Futala lake has historic relevance. It also has outdoor games, colourful fountains, carriage rides to attract tourists. Similarly, Gorewada lake is a good picnic spot and has a great landscape.

Looking at the general preference of tourists towards lakes, Bharatvarsh Nature farms located on Nagpur-Umred highway has also developed huge lakeside park with plenty of outdoor recreational activities. Appropriate parking, security, food arrangement and restrooms are also available to offer wholesome experience during family outing.



Best Ecotourism Destinations in and around Nagpur and Umred

There are many popular eco-tourist destinations in Nagpur. Many wildlife sanctuaries and parks are there like UmredKarhandla Wildlife Sanctuary, Bor Wildlife Sanctuary, Tadoba National Park, Melghat Tiger Reserve, Navegaon National Park, and many more. The Gorewada Safari project has been well developed. These places have been promoting and implementing ecotourism to create environmental consciousness.

One of the best ecotourism destinations that you must visit in Nagpur is Bharatvarsh Nature Farms. Amidst nature, the farm has been developed to accommodate several requirements that can help you have a good time with your friends, family, and relatives. It is an ideal picnic spot where you can experience an authentic rural environment and understand the importance of conserving nature.

With a well-equipped children’s park, medicinal garden, food forest, open lawn area, the farms have a place for everything. It has also arrangements for fun-filled activities like bullock cart rides, cycling which will help in re-living these long-lost modes of commutation. Bharatvarsh Nature Farms also plans to introduce boating activities.

The farm promotes organic farming. The staff here shares about organic farming methods and explains about different plant varieties. Besides, there is also a dairy farm that has special indigenous cow breeds like Gir and Rathi. Dairy products like fresh A2 milk, Malai A2 paneer, Bilona A2 ghee are available for sale at farm and are also supplied to customers across Nagpur and Umred. All these products are produced using traditional methods to preserve their nutritional value and are free from chemicals and preservatives. Local communities help in producing all these products.


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