Each one of us in today’s technology world is seeking peace and calmness. Especially with the daily hectic schedule, it becomes difficult to find enough quality time for relaxation. It’s important to find some time and go for an outing or a vacation with your loved ones to relieve yourself from the stressful and busy work life. And the best experience you can gain is by connecting with nature. Nature heals wonderfully. Besides, exposure to nature has a significantly positive impact on your overall wellbeing. There have been numerous researches that have proven that visiting green spaces is the simplest as well as the affordable process that can improve your health. If you are in Nagpur, you have plenty of options to go for an eco-friendly vacation. The city has some of the best ecotourism destinations like the Bharatvarsh Nature Farms that can help you connect with nature in its purest form. The next time you plan to spend quality time with your friends or family, make sure to explore a place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature.




With a huge stretch of greenery spread in about hundred acres, Bharatvarsh Nature Farms close to Umred helps you experience nature in the best possible way.It has a dairy farm that house indigenous varieties of Indian breed cows like Gir and Rathi. It has a food forest that includes all organic farming methods to grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers. No chemicals are used in the process. There is a medicinal garden and a nursery too. Besides, there are also well-designated picnic gardens and lawns that help you spend quality time with your near and dear ones, or host get-togethers and events. So, if you want to have an eco-friendly vacation, in the lap of nature, you must plan a visit to Bharatvarsh Nature Farms soon.The healing powers of calm water in the lake, music of slow winds, chirping of birds, clean fresh air, vast expansive greenery, can instantly calm your exhausted mind. There are a lot of things that you can do to spend time with nature.




Dotted with lakes and parks, Nagpur is one of the greenest cities of India. There are many places in Nagpur and nearby locations that you can visit for a one-day outing. Located about 30 kms from Nagpur, Bharatvarsh Nature Farms will be an ideal destination for such small outings. You will have a good time there, exploring nature and indulging in different fun-filled adventures.


· Temple, farms, and gardens visit

Temples have a serene atmosphere that calms you instantly. Also, a visit to a farm or forest can give you an experience of nature in its rawest form and a mere thought of visit to such an atmosphere can ignite your mind and body. Bharatvarsh Nature Farms has a giant tortoise temple surrounded by dairy farm that you can visit on your outing. There are fodder farms, fruit gardens, and medicinal garden also that you can explore.


· Lakeside activities

Fun-filled activities by the lakeside are a great way to keep the children off the smartphones. Bharatvarsh Nature Farms are developed on the bank of a natural lake. So, you can easily relax on the lawn on the lake shore while the children can play different games like beach volleyball, football, or engage in cycling. 


· Food Forest

Exploring food forests can connect you with nature and help you understand traditional agricultural practices. You can also realize how much time and effort it takes to grow food. Bharatvarsh Nature Farms has a food forest that uses safe agricultural practices like Zero Budget Natural Farming. Organically produced fresh fruits and vegetables are not only nutritious but they also taste better. You can also join the food journey and get your weekly supply of fresh fruits and vegetables produced on the farm.


· Play with domestic animals

It is well accepted fact that more you connect with animals, the happier you will be.The dairy section at Bharatvarsh Nature farms has more than 200 cows and calfs to spend time with. People come to our farm house to hug cows and sit with one cow for hours for mental peace.Kids can play with rabbits, ducks, hens and dogs in the dairy premises and understand the meaning of real happiness of being with nature.


· Rides

Age-old practices like bullock-cart rides, horse-rides, will help you connect with the rural world. It is difficult to get such experiences in city life. Bharatvarsh Nature Farms promotes such rural practices and to give you the feel, there are different riding activities that you can indulge in. You can go around the farm and enjoy nature in a tractor, bullock cart, horse carriage, or even on a cycle. 




The concept of tourism has been changing with time. With the rising environmental consciousness, people are now preferring eco-friendly tourism. Ecotourism not only promotes environmental protection but also works towards improving the lives of the local communities and involving them in the sector for their betterment. This idea has touched many people and they now prefer to explore such places that can help them bond with nature, without having any adverse effects on the environment. 

Ecotourism activities at Bharatvarsh Nature Farms have been developed with such a concept. It accommodates different requirements from different age groups. There are fun activities both for children as well as adults. Or simply, you can explore the vast stretch of greenery, and spend some quiet time with nature. You can get highly nutritious farm products and also relish a meal prepared on the farms. Besides, as the local communities are involved, you also contribute to their development. So, you must plan a should to Bharatvarsh Nature Farms along with your family and friends spend time with nature in the most natural way. 

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