A one-day trip to nature destination can help you unplug from the digital world

A one-day trip to nature destination can help you unplug from the digital world

With everything digitalized, we spend hours and hours online. Be it social media, work, or even online classes, screen time has been increasing drastically for everyone. Kids these days hardly get free space to play and enjoy. This has been a major problem recently as kids are losing their interest in outdoor games and activities. They need a mobile, tablet, or a PlayStation and keep on tapping all day without even interacting with their family. Parents get too occupied with their work that they too find it strenuous to play with the kids or spend quality time with them.

Digital Addiction Today

Digital addiction refers to the obsessive use of digital devices and technologies. This overuse in daily lives interferes our mental health as well as psychological functioning. Different problems stem from the excessive use of the internet. For example, impulse-control problems, compulsive information seeking, gaming addiction, social media addiction, are some of the common problems faced by people of different age groups. Some of the characteristics of digital addiction are:

  • Remaining preoccupied with the internet and increasing the amount of time spent on screen for satisfaction.
  • Unsuccessful in the efforts for cutting or stopping using the internet.
  • Staying socially active or online more than needed.
  • Irritation, depression, and mood swings when internet use is stopped.
  • Reducing interaction in personal relationships and avoiding people.

Digital addiction affects a person physically as well as emotionally. Insomnia, headaches, body pain, vision problems, weight gain or weight loss are also common in people who are addicted digitally.

Get off your Digi Train and get social

It may be difficult to get off the Digi Train, but it is not impossible. All you need is to spend quality time with your family, friends and relatives, and get social. Planning outings to places that can bring you closer to nature can help you a lot.

  • Take advantage of being with nature

Being with nature help in our physical and mental wellbeing. Nature soothes as nothing can. It helps in reducing stress and anxiety and other health ailments like blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, etc. It is the best possible distraction and helps in calming us better.

  • Weekly Digital Detox

Digital Detox is essential to get rid of digital addiction. The main idea behind such detox is refraining from using smart devices and staying away from social media as well as the internet. A weekly digital detox will be highly beneficial and you can steal some time for yourself, enjoy nature, develop some hobbies, or indulge in some productive activities.

  • Craft quality social time

You can focus on real-life social interactions and craft some quality time by visiting local places, enjoying some outdoor games, exploring nearby scenic views, etc. It will help you unwind better and you can also spend some quality time with your near and dear ones.

Benefits of Unplugging from the digital world

Unplugging from the digital world is highly essential and some of the benefits are:

  • You will get time for simple pleasures like going for a picnic, spending quality time with your people, traveling, exploring different places,or simply reading a book.
  • You can focus on bonding with your family and friends and communicate with them better.
  • You can connect with nature, appreciate its beauty, and breathe in some fresh air.
  • Constant digital connectivity is known to add too much stress in your life. Therefore, it is better to give up on the digital world for some time to avoid depressive symptoms, sleeping problems, increased stress levels, anxiety disorders, mood swings, etc.

Bharatvarsh Natural Farms – The biggest ecotourism destination around Nagpur

Bharatvarsh Natural Farms spread across a vast area of about 100 acres on the bank of Virly lake on Nagpur-Umred highway is one of the prime nature-tourism destinations near Nagpur. The place is covered with blissful greenery that promotes eco-tourism and helps you bond with nature. Check out the picnic gardens, food forest, medicinal garden, dairy farm, multiple gardens of fruit and vegetable, as well as large tracks of fodder cultivation to feel the true beauty of nature. Be it a one-day trip for a couple, a family picnic, a corporate get-together, or a school outing, Bharatvarsh Nature Farms is the go-to spot for everything.The earthy and serene surroundings will help you feel rejuvenated and you can have a perfect outing there with your family. Plan a visit to the farms soon and witness:

  • A perfect spot to unglue from the digital world and socialize

If you want to socialize and unglue from the digital world, nature will help you do so. The farms are situated in an exotic location on the bank of a large 200 Acre Lake, where you can plan social gatherings like picnics, get-togethers, corporate events, and team-building programs too. 

  • Open Party Lawns

Multiple green lawns have been developed giving picturesque view of lake and expansive stretch of greenery that will help you relax and enjoy. The place is suitable for family events, DJs, parties, orchestra, etc.

  • Domestic animals and Nature

Bharatvarsh Nature farms hasa large dairy farm with indigenous breed cows. Ducks, rabbits, hens, and horses at the farm give a complete rural touch to the place.You can enjoy horse / tonga ride, bullock cart or tractor ride or simply cycle around. You can spend time watching the organic farming activities as well. There are different organic products available and you can shop some of them too.

  • Private Domes

There are also small private casuarina dome areas dedicated to games. You can enjoy playing indoor games with your family and friendsin complete privacy of nature around, have fun chats or discussions, and have a great time.

  • Destress coffee spot

You can also sip some coffee while sitting amidst the lap of nature and watching calming views of nature along with your family. Away from the chaos of city life, you will surely have a great time and detox yourself from the digital world, for your physical wellbeing and mental peace.

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Do visit Bharatvarsh Nature farms located just 39 Km from zero-mile Nagpur on Nagpur-Umred Highway and explore it with your near and dear ones. You will have a great time indeed.

For more details, please visit our website: www.bharatvarshnaturefarms.com

You can call us @ 8603214214.

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