Is it true that your food is your medicine?

Is it true that your food is your medicine?

Research has established that dietary habits have a major influence on the risk of diseases. Thus, food has medicinal effects and offers strong protection against illness. Nutrients help in promoting health and creating immunity to fight diseases. Pharmaceutical drugs and supplements may help in faster recovery, but they come with associated additional side effects. These supplements also contribute to toxic build-ups in our body in the long run. It is well-known fact that the medicines are needed when your body does not get adequate nutrients from diet. So, it is important to pay attention to what you eat as Hippocrates rightly said- “Let food be thy medicine.”


Decline of metabolic health due to an unhealthy lifestyle

A good metabolism helps in the proper functioning of the body. It means faster and better absorption of food, burning of calories, and proper functioning of the body system. A slower metabolic rate leads to different issues like diabetes, increased cholesterol levels, obesity, etc.

Decline in metabolism is mainly associated with sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating, and deteriorating food quality. Everyone is guilty of leading an unhealthy lifestyle these days. The consumption of unhealthy junk food is on rise like never beforeand the traditional cooking is losing its importance. Monotonous routine with very little activity has been added to the list.

Another major issue is that the food we are consuming is laden with chemicals. The nutrition level deteriorates and thus, the body does not get essential nutrients. With commercial production of crops along with addition of synthetic preservatives, the food loses its actual power.

So, considering the fact that the food we eat plays an important role in determining our metabolic rate,it is essential to consume good-quality food enriched with nutrients for faster metabolism and effective body functioning.


How do healthy nutrients reverse the course of a disease?

Immune system is primarily responsible for fighting diseases,and food plays an essential role in enhancing immunity. Chronic diseases like diabetes, heart conditions, blood pressure, etc. are mostly related to unhealthy eating. Poor diet choices affect the body functions and as a result, chances of getting disease increases. A healthy diet and positive changes in lifestyle, can help prevent and even reverse disease conditions.

Healthy and nutritious diet can transform your body in unimaginable ways. When the body gets optimum nutrition from food, it does not need additional supplements or medicines. This ensures better metabolism, and body is able to function better. The body also produces powerful antibodies that fight disease causing organisms. With improved immunity, the body is able to handle pathogens well and they cannot stay in the body for long. In other words, the course of a disease can be reversed with healthy food.


Why the method of growing food is important?

To obtain optimal nutrition from food items, it is also important to grow food in a healthy way so that the quality of food can be enhanced. In the process of increasing the quantity of production, the quality gets compromised. For increasing the yield, toxic chemicals are used, and these compounds ultimately enter our body through our diet, thereby, magnifying the risks of diseases. The best way to retain the nutrients in food is to grow them organically. Organically grown, fresh, local food not only ensures that you derive optimum nutrition from your food but also tastes better.

Organic farming practices do not subscribe to the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. Organic manures are used as fertilizers. Natural methods for pest control and weed control are used. The soil health is not affected as in case of conventional farming practices. Furthermore, these practices do not affect our environment, and are, therefore, beneficial for all. Therefore, by keeping an eye on the method of growing food, we can ensure is the quality of food.


How organic food serves as a medicine?

The world has witnessed an increasing interest in organic food in recent years. Organically grown food is safer and contains more antioxidants that help in improving overall health. Besides organic food is devoid of preservatives, and takes a shorter time to travel from farm to plate. Therefore, organic food is comparatively fresher as well.


Organic Terrace Farming Tips

If you wish to grow your own food organically, it is best to start Terrace Farming.  As the terrace receives a good amount of sunlight, it helps in the better growth of plants. Here are some gardening tips for you to grow food on the terrace:

  • Proper planning is essential before you start your terrace garden. You also need basic gardening tools, pots and planters, and different varieties of plants, which can be easily found in local nurseries.
  • It is important to waterproof the roof to fix any leakages.
  • A good nursery can guide you to pick the right soil for plants.
  • Composting can help in adding the right nutrients to the soil.

You can visit Bharatvarsh Nature Farms nursery to select different varieties of plants as well as the necessary garden essentials. They can also help you set up your terrace farm/terrace garden.


Organic food supplies from Bharatvarsh Nature Farms

After learning that Organic food can work as a medicine, it is time to find a supplier whom you can rely upon for uninterrupted quality produce. Bharatvarsh Nature Farms practices organic farming to grow healthy and nutritious food. With acres of farms dedicated to growing seasonal fruits and vegetables organically, these organic supplies are also home delivered to the subscribers. Therefore, you can reach them to book weekly supplies of healthy and nutritious organic food right at your doorstep.

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