Why Organic Food is best for you, and its Benefits

Why Organic Food is best for you, and its Benefits

Organic food has become tremendously popular these days, owing to the health benefits as well as the environmental and ecological concerns. Both international and domestic markets have witnessed a rise in the sale of organic food. As people are becoming increasingly aware and conscious of what they consume, organic foods have become a priority.


• What is Organic Food?

Organic foods are named so that they are produced organically, without using artificial chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, etc. However, it is not possible to completely avoid using chemicals, but there is limited use of such chemicals. Also, natural fertilizers are preferred and traditional cropping methods like crop rotation, integrated farming, and mixed farming are used. Thus, they are produced using sustainable farming practices and minimizing environmental damage. They are also not processed using any synthetic food additive. Genetically modified components are also avoided in organic farming.

There are different types of organic foods that include organic fruits, organic vegetables, organic dairy products, meat, seafood, etc. Artificially injecting hormones and antibiotics is avoided in the case of organic meat and dairy.


• Why is organic better for you?

 From an environmental as well as a health perspective, organic food is a better option as compared to conventional food products. Since these organic foods are produced using restricted use of fertilizers and pesticides, they affect the soil fertility, biodiversity, and ecosystem minimally as compared to standard farming methods. Mostly manures and compost are used, therefore, these foods have fewer toxins and chemicals, making it safe to consume. They have positive nutritional value due to less pesticide residue. There are different health benefits of organic food too. Even if organic foods are expensive, they are worth it as they are good for your health as well as the environment.


Health benefits of organic food include:


Organic Foods are Free of Toxins

They are grown using sustainable agricultural practices and thus are free of toxins. Preservatives and additives are not used to increase the shelf life of these food products. These chemicals possess a risk to human health. Therefore, organic foods are better options than those produced using modern farming practices that usually include the use of a lot of toxic chemicals like pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, weedicides, etc.


Organic Taste Better

 These food products are fresher and thus, taste better. The lack of preservatives also retains the original taste of organic food. The flavor and aroma remain unaffected as synthetic chemicals are not added. They have higher levels of vitamins and minerals too, so they are nutritionally rich as well.


Organic Foods Protect the Environment

Modern farming methods mostly focus on improving the quantity of production and often compromise the quality of the food produced in the process. To increase production, chemicals are used. Also increasing the use of fertilizers and pesticides is detrimental to the ecosystem as a whole as it affects the soil fertility, and also seeps into the groundwater level, which becomes more dangerous. Organic foods are good for the environment. They are produced using farming methods that help in utilizing natural resources sustainably and in a healthy way.


Organic Foods are Rich in Antioxidants

Food produced organically tends to be richer in micronutrients as well as antioxidants. As the crops are not sprayed with chemical pesticides, they tend to produce more antioxidants naturally, to protect themselves. Therefore, organic foods have more antioxidants.


Shopping Organic Supports Local Farmers

Mostly organic goods are produced locally as they cannot be preserved for a longer duration. It reduces transportation and storage costs. Also, the additional processing costs are reduced. Therefore, by shopping for organic produce, you can support local farmers, as the long chain of marketing and distribution gets reduced, and farmers get the profit directly.


Organic Reduces your Exposure to GMOs

GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms are still a controversial issue. Modifying the genes of organisms to develop their resistance includes several health risks as well. There have been reports that these are not safe, leading to an increase in food allergens. Also, on ethical grounds, it has been considered inappropriate to change the genetic sequence of organisms. There are long-term consequences related to health and the environment. Thus, it is a serious issue.

As organic foods do not promote GM techniques and promote natural methods, they reduce exposure to such crops. Organic farming does not encourage tampering with the genes of living organisms in any way and also calls for the humane treatment of living beings.


Lower Your Risk of Cancer

Organic food can reduce the risk of consuming carcinogens. Cancer risk increases with the consumption of synthetic substances and chemicals as well as the use of bioengineered genes in food production. As organic food products do not promote such practices, the risk of cancer is also reduced. 


Eating Organic Can Improve Your Overall Health

The increased nutritional content makes organic foods a healthier option as compared to their conventionally grown counterparts. They are fresher and taste better. As synthetic pesticides and chemicals are not used, these products reduce the risk of health issues. As a result, the beneficial nutrients are also retained. They also have a positive emotional and mental impact as you remain assured that the food you consume has been grown naturally and organically. It brings satisfaction and thus, it can be said that organic food improves overall health.


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