How does the health of soil impact your health?

How does the health of soil impact your health?

It is evident that nutritious food keeps us healthy, and a major part of our food grows on soil. It may be hard to believe, but the health of soil does have an impact on your health. Soil is a major source of nutrients and as crops are grown on soil, it passes on these nutrients to the crops. Therefore, the nutrition level of the crops is also influenced by the soil. Besides, soil also acts as a natural filter that removes contaminants from water. So, the health of soil determines how healthy our food will be.



• Food is the greatest healer

It is rightly said- You are what you eat. Besides taking care of daily nutrition, food also impacts recovery and healing. Medicines are required when the essential nutritional parameters are not fulfilled from food. These medicines act as supplement and not as replacement for nutrition. Nutritionists these days are emphasizing on how food can act as a detoxifying agent and can help our body function better. Medications and prescribed treatments work better when you meet the nutritional requirements also. Therefore, one should feed the body with healthy and nutritious food to improve immune function and metabolism, Overall, we can say that food is the greatest healer.



• Conventional Farming

To meet the huge demand of agricultural produce and address the food security issues, conventional farming practices were introduced. Conventional farming methods use pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals to improve the yieldand quantity. Although these methods help in meeting the crop quantity, they compromise on the quality of crops produced. Thus, these food items are laden with chemicals that negatively affect our health.

The main benefit of conventional farming method is increase in the food production. Large quantities of food can be produced at low costs and low labor.  Also, it increases job opportunities, The features of conventional farming are:

  • The aim of conventional farming is to derive maximum profit from less crop area.
  • It is a modern approach based on using machineries and chemicals, primarily to increase the quantity of crops produced.
  • Extensive usage of chemicals, rapid technological invention, mechanization of farm work, using high-yielding crop varieties, are some of the main features of conventional farming.
  • It is a non-sustainable method of farming that involves high capital investment and uses large cultivation areas.

But there are some major disadvantages of conventional farming practice that cannot be neglected. Some of them are:

  • Extensive use of chemicals degrades the quality of the soil, devoiding it of essential nutrients. This, in turn, affects the productivity of the soil.
  • As the chemicals enter the food chain, they contaminate our body, affecting our health and make us more prone to serious diseases.
  • As the overall focus is towards increasing production, staple crops are prioritized,because of which the variety of food crops grown is limited.
  • Most importantly, this farming practice has serious environmental hazards. It leads to water pollution, water scarcity, affects animal life, increases deforestation, etc.


• Problem of Hidden Hunger

Micronutrient deficiency is referred to as hidden hunger. Low intake of vitamins and minerals leads to poor health, mental impairment, intellectual disability, and other serious issues. The main reasons behind this are:

i. Decline of vital nutrients in our food today

The focus is on production of food with macronutrients. Majority of people eat food that is cheap and filling. They do not diversify their diet and as a result, suffer from micronutrient deficiencies.

ii. Pattern of conventional food habits

Conventional food habits have been set into our pattern. People fail to introduce dietary modification, because of which, they do not consume the essential micronutrients.

iii. Following unhealthy shortcuts of food pattern

Unhealthy shortcuts like eating processed food or fast food just to drive away hunger is dangerous. Some people consume supplements, thinking that these medications will take care of the requirements of the essential micronutrients.



• Organic Farming

With the increasing awareness regarding the negative effects of conventional farming methods, organic farming has become hugely popular. The main idea behind organic farming is growing food using natural agricultural practices, without the usage of chemicals. This is a sustainable farming practice that has minimal effect on the environment and does not compromise on the quality of the food produced.

i. Power of Food as medicine

Without proper nutrition, the body would not be able to deliver its best. It is important to consume the right food in the right manner to lead a healthy and disease-free life. With the right food, you heal faster.

ii. Breaking traditional food system

The traditional food system needs to be changed and diverse food items need to be introduced. For the development and maintenance of the human body, nutrients are significantly important.



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