What are the Medicinal Plants to grow at home?

What are the Medicinal Plants to grow at home?

Have you ever seen your grandmother scurrying after a doctor or a medical shop now and then? There are quite a few medicinal plants in traditional medicine that are used to treat coughs, colds, fevers, burns and cuts, wounds, and other essential health care disorders. Herbal plants provide natural compounds that have been used to heal ailments for millennia. Every plant has therapeutic characteristics and they can be very handy to use in both culinary and natural treatments.

It’s important to have Medicinal Plants in the Home Garden since you never know when you’ll need them. Growing herbs in your yard allows you to utilize fresh herbs in your meals as well. Anyone who has used them in their cooking will tell you that they are much superior to shop-purchased or dried herbs.

This post from Bharatvarsh Nature Farms covers few of the very common medicinal plants for home garden along with their health benefits.


The Advantages of Medicinal Plants in the Home Garden:

The golden slogan ‘Health is Wealth’ is ideal for raising awareness among people to add medicinal plants to their gardens for medical reasons.


Make you feel less confined

Integrating medicinal plants into your house is a crucial way to preserve the green and lovely area, and at the same time benefit humans. Planting and growing plants is the most acceptable approach behind your happiness and health. Do you want to add vegetation to your yard or outdoor space? Plan growing some medicinal plants or herbs.


Medicinal plants are associated with your physical wellness.

Plants are used directly as medications or are used along with medications in Ayurvedic medical techniques to address various health and cosmetic issues. Fleshy leaves of the Medicinal plants for home garden have several medicinal properties. Tulsi is the most common and a potent medicinal plant used in Indian households to maintain the environment healthy for the inhabitants. You may browse for the several health benefits and cures associated with this plant. Tulsi plant is also known by the name Holy Basil.


Plant decorating is a visual getaway.

The ornamented and green environment is psychologically necessary for every human being to enjoy the beauty of location. Planting herbs in your garden can help you create green environment while also producing refreshments to keep you healthy. One example of commonly used ornamental plant is bonsai tree. The fresh air and lovely plant adornment has scenic beauty and helps in overcoming bodily and mental suffering sentiments. Bonsai plant in your home can increase your productivity by providing new ideas and creativity.


Here is a list of 5 medicinal plants that can be gardened at home and their uses that have the most therapeutic value compared to the other hundred species worth growing around the home.


1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera can only grow in the sun and well-drained dry or damp soil. The sap of aloe vera is particularly beneficial in speeding up healing, decreasing inflammation, and lowering the danger of infection at the site of wounds, cuts, and burns. Some other reported health usages of this plant are:

  • Constipation
  • a lack of appetite
  • digestive issues

2. Tulsi

Tulsi (the queen of herbs) has long been renowned for its extraordinary healing abilities.

You’ve probably used basil a lot in your cooking, but have you ever tried it to treat flatulence? It can treat:

  • Cuts
  • Appetite loss
  • Gas in the stomach

Ayurvedic literature identifies four varieties of tulsi: Rama, Krishna, Vana, and Kapoor Tulsi.


3. Mint (Mentha)

Mint is arguably the simplest herb to grow at home. Not only is this easy to cultivate, but it also provides a lot of flavors to your cuisine.

Mint is frequently referred to as “the world’s oldest medicine,” with archaeological evidence indicating that it is in usage from at-least ten thousand years. Peppermint is strong in manganese, vitamin A, and vitamin C. It is used to treat common colds, indigestion and gas. Rubbing crushed leaves on the skin helps to calm and relax the muscles. Other usage of mint include:

  • stifle bacterial growth
  • fever treatment
  • flatulence
  • colon spasms

Breastfeeding women may use mint leaves to avoid nipple cracks and soreness.

Mint requires little attention. Use a little mulch around plants. It helps to keep the soil wet and the leaves clean.


4. Lemon balm

The minty lemon aroma of the leaves is why the plant is nicknamed lemon balm. The blooms, which bloom in the summer, are rich in nectar. It is a very common insect repellant plant grown in every home. Its crushed leaves are utilized to treat:

  • herpes
  • sores
  • insect bites for gout
  • Colds and flu
  • fevers
  • dyspepsia as a result of nervous stress
  • Children’s stomach problems
  • hyperthyroidism
  • depression
  • headaches caused by mild insomnia

5. Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves,also called as curry leaf or sweet neem is another Indian spice. Curry leaves are commonly added flavor in various side dishes and main dishes since ages. Addition of curry leaves to the meals helps in the treatment of dysentery, diarrhea, diabetes, morning sickness, and nausea. Other common benefits are:

  • helps in weight loss
  • is good for diabetes patients,
  • treats dysentery & constipation,
  • heals wounds and cuts,
  • provides good eyesight,
  • relieves nausea,
  • improves memory.


Bottom Line

These easy-to-grow herbs improve both the beauty of your garden and your family’s health. Many of these herbs attract helpful pollinators like bees and repel destructive pests from surrounding more delicate plants.

Plan a proper garden layout and locate them to ensure optimal light, water, and temperature conditions

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