Top 20 Low Maintenance Plants for Easy Landscaping in Nagpur, India

Top 20 Low Maintenance Plants for Easy Landscaping in Nagpur, India

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Greenery adds a high amount of positivity to your space and it’s easy to fall in love with gardening. But maintaining plants is another story as you may not be lucky enough to look after them all the time or look after their nourishment. Additionally, it would be helpful if you have knowledge and expertise in caring plants. A low-maintenance plant will be the best choice if you need more time to properly care for your plants amidst your busy schedule.

It is very much possible to beautify your home’s landscape with low-maintenance plants. Here are some plants you can get for your garden if you are from Nagpur, India!¬†Check out this blog to find out the Top 20 Low Maintenance Plants for Easy Landscaping in Nagpur, India!

Best Options to Get in Low Maintenance Plants

Don’t keep the guilt of not being a good plant parent! Here are the top 20 low maintenance plant recommendations to landscape easily in Nagpur.

  1. Crown of Thorns:

    This beautiful succulent requires very low maintenance and can easily be an add-on in your garden. You need not worry about adding fertilizer or over-watering to the crown of thorns, as its requirements are quite minimal. However, keep checking the drainage system in the pots as well as keep removing withered flowers from time to time!

  2. Chinese Hibiscus:

    This small flowering tree loves to stay moisturized! To get more blooms in summer, check that the plant is hydrated. Cut back water during the winter to balance the moisture content.

  3. Spider Plant:

    This indoor plant requires zero maintenance. And you cannot stop staring at these beauties! You can place it in a hanging basket and ensure that it gets at least indirect sunlight in a decent amount! And you need not worry much about maintenance, because it requires only light water spray.

  4. Peace Lily:

    If you are searching for easy maintenance plants, then peace lily has to be on your list without any second thought. They’ll flourish with elegance even in low lighting. The white blooms are indeed a show-stopper! You only need to keep its soil moist, and you are good to go!

  5. Aloe Vera:

    Who does not want to add the multi-talented aloe vera to their garden? It’s a must-have for every plant-lover. This highly beneficial succulent is what you need, even if you are thinking of low-maintenance plants. You only need to ensure that it gets enough indirect sunlight!

  6. Periwinkle:

    Due to its low maintenance requirements, this plant is making its way to almost every Indian home. Periwinkle will offer you beautiful blooms throughout the year, making it an evergreen plant, perfectly suitable for landscaping if you are from Nagpur.

  7. ZZ Plants:

    This popular plant category can thrive in any environmental condition. But you need to take care that its roots are semi-hydrated so that it lasts long. Their spiky leaves make them even more attractive. Besides, you can leave this plant without any care, and it will be in its same good condition!

  8. Weeping Fig:

    Are you hearing this name for the first time? They don’t demand much maintenance, but you cannot compromise on their requirement for light. You can notice the difference in your weeping fig if not exposed to sunlight! However, it does not ask for much care apart from direct sunlight.

  9. Dumbcane:

    This plant is easy to grow and can develop pretty well, even without exposure to proper sunlight. So, keeping it under the shade will work wonders too! Consider watering it on the base, and you are good to go!

  10. Croton:

    Thinking about adding vibrant colors to your garden? Croton would be the perfect option for this! Their bright and unique colors are sure to please you. This plant loves to be showered in sunlight and can sustain without water for quite a long time!

  11. Jade Plant:

    This cute plant is a succulent too, and people consider it a lucky charm! You can keep it under the sun and water it when the soil is dry!

  12. Marigold:

    You will find very few people who do not love marigolds. This vibrant flower needs low maintenance and will enhance the beauty of your garden tenfold! Water it whenever you get time, and that’s all it needs.

  13. Patharchatta:

    One of the easiest plants to take care of and grow is Patharchatta. Looking at its amazing health benefits and its unique-looking flowers, you can add it for easy landscaping.

  14. Oleander:

    Once this plant grows, it requires almost irregular watering, but it performs best when it gets thoroughly watered. In its full-growth season, shape it once in 2 months.

  15. Yellow Trumpetbush:

    If you look after the drainage system of this plant, it will not require anything else from you! Just trim the withered leaves and make a decent drainage system in the pots; you will get blooms throughout the spring!

  16. Chinese Evergreen Plant:

    You can plant it under full or partial shade, as it can grow anywhere. It will make you happy because it needs lower care and management. Also, you do not need to water it now and then. Their eye-catching patterns are what you need for easy and elegant landscaping.

  17. Tradescantia Zebrina:

    You can keep it in shade or sunlight, and it will grow equally well. If you are looking for unique options, this purple plant is for you!

  18. Zebra Plant:

    This plant preferably stays better indoors. With its peculiar dark green leaves, you will notice it from afar!

  19. Wax Begonia:

    Known for its waxy and dark-colored leaves, this plant blooms in the summer and fall.

  20. Peperomia:

    If you are a beginner in taking care of plants or beginning as a plant parent, this should be one of your foremost choices. It comes in different ranges of colors, sizes, or styles, and all these will require similar care!


If you are a plant enthusiast who feels guilty for not being able to maintain your plants daily, these 20 plant options discussed were very much for you!

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