Tips to successfully manage and grow a dairy farm

Tips to successfully manage and grow a dairy farm

Dairy farming is becoming increasingly popular among farmers because of rising public knowledge. Most of them inherit the property from their parents or grandparents. No matter what your educational background or work history is, there are numerous factors to think about entering into dairy business and expanding it to turn into a profitable venture.

This article covers some essential requisites to run a successful dairy farms and if you are putting a lot of effort into expanding your dairy business, but it’s still moving slowly, you may get some help from this article to grow your business.

Planning a Profitable Dairy Business

If a person knows how to care for animals and how to manage team, the dairy industry can be profitable. A certain amount of farm area, resources, and money are needed for dairy farming to maintain the appropriate number of cows. It also includes planting high-quality fodder, grasses, and legumes to feed the cows adequately. You should be ready with enough fodder to feed the cows during the winter and dry season.

Along with the above-mentioned factors, the budget is essential for planning and growing your dairy in a successful manner. Every cow should be fed properly so as to receive the essential nutrition. A fat measuring device should be available in every dairy firm. The amount of fat in the milk is useful information for farmers to understand whether a cow is malnourished or needs some additional feed. Farmers can improve the nutrition of cattle in this way to improve the quality of milk.

If you decide to expand your dairy farm, you need to develop the necessary management abilities for all dairy cow counts. Working with knowledgeable dairy farmers or extension agents for animals can help one develop knowledge and experience. This attempt might assist you in avoiding costly errors and losses while keeping your dairy farming business successful.

How to grow Dairy – Tips

Due attention to following few crucial aspects will enable you to grow your dairy company to new heights:

  1. Dietary Requirements

To increase the milk production, it is crucial to keep the cows active and healthy. Several options for feeding cows include:

Although cows primarily consume grass, they need a variety of dietary ingredients to keep healthy. Alfalfa, mixed grass-legume pasture, and other protein supplements are required by dairy cows that produce more milk. Salt and minerals are also necessary. Cows are also given artificial supplements to help them produce nutrient-rich milk.

Hay: This is the finest choice for people who can’t afford to buy expensive alfalfa. Affordable and a suitable choice for satisfying the additional needs of the cows are oat and wheat hay.

Silage is a very popular choice among farmers for feeding their cows. A few of the possibilities for the cows’ high-quality nutrition are silos, haylage, and others.

Grains: Grains provide cows with the nutrition they need. It is the food with the maximum energy and nutritional worth. The dairy farmer should concentrate on meeting the needed amount by giving extra grains even though cows naturally consume grains in the wild or on farmlands.

2. Health and Hygiene of the Cattle

It’s important to pay attention to the health of the cows in your farm, especially during the colder months. For obvious reasons, the winter is difficult for them, and if they take a bath, it is crucial to dry them out, so that they don’t contract infections or get sick.

Moreover, it’s essential to keep the cows at a healthy weight to protect their wellbeing. It is advised to check on the cows every two months. Maintaining the body fat level is also crucial; it can be increased or decreased by eating the right feed.

  • Morning boost

It is very important to keep cows physically active to maintain their health and enhance milk output. Their bones will get weak if they spend the entire day inside the shelter, thus it is recommended to take them out into the open twice daily to keep them active. Additionally, doing so allows the cattle to breathe in some fresh air.In the morning, feed them enough nutritious food with a little hay to warm up for the day.

  • Proper shelter

Dairy farming requires suitable shelter construction as well. The shelter you design should also guarantee sustaining a suitable climate inside both in summers and winters. To make the cows more comfortable, try to keep the area warm and dry. Pregnant cows should have their own shelter room with constant access to food and water.

  • Protect cow’s teats

Try to ensure that their teats are dry, especially when leaving the milking parlour or feed area. If their teats are dirty and not properly washed, it can catch infection, itch them, which affects the quality of milk and can permanently block them. So, for adequate supply of milk and a healthy and long life of your farm animal, it is essential to keep their teats clean and dry.

Change in weather has an impact on cows, just like it has on people. Their requirements for food and other necessities change as the seasons change. However, keeping the cows warm and healthy regardless of the weather conditions is crucial to expanding your dairy. Another crucial aspect is to keep them dry and clean.

Dairy farm at Bharatvarsh Nature Farms

The dairy farm at Bharatvarsh houses close to 200 indigenous (desi) cows of two special Indian breeds – Gir (from Gujarat) and Rathi (from Rajasthan), which are famous for producing high quality A2 milk. All the cows in our farm are fed high quality organic fodder grown on our land, which is cultivated using cow dung and urine as manure and is free from any chemical sprays. Every day, the cows are given time for grazing on natural green fields, where they get to eat native shrubs along with green grass and get time to socialize. This ensures them with strong immunity and adds high medicinal value to their milk too. The milk received from our Gaushala is chilled and bottled at our dairy for the supply as fresh A2 milk to customers across Nagpur and Umred. We also make A2 Malai Paneer and Cow’s Billona A2 Ghee, which are available for sale to the visitors at our farm.

To learn more about our farm, visit our official website:

Contact Us

If you are from Nagpur or Umred, you can visit our farm to buy our dairy as well as farm products. Our farm is located At Post, Virli Taluka Umred, Nagpur dist. – 441204 (MH) Also, if you are interested in daily subscription and purchase of our dairy (A2 milk , A2 Malai Paneer or Bilona A2 Cow Ghee)or organic farm products (Vegetables or fruits), you can always reach us through

email: Or Call Us at: 8603214214.


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