Silage Fodder

Silage Fodder

Silage Fodder - Bharatvarsh Nature Farms

Bharatvarsh has Vidarbha’s only silage bale plant to produce high-quality nutritious silage bales from green fodder using modern technology. These silage bales weigh about 50 to 80 kg and are available at reasonable prices throughout the year.

Benefits of Napier Silage Fodder from Bharatvarsh:

  • Central India’s first baled Napier silage
  • Global Concept – Now in India
  • European baling technology – For superior quality
  • Compact bale size for efficient space management
  • UV-protected packing – Shelf life upto 18 months
  • Instant and ready-to-use product
  • Affordable price – reduced dependence on concentrated feed
  • Increase in milk output
  • Can be fed to cows, buffaloes and bulls.
  • Round-the-year supply

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