Elevate Your Garden with Exotic Plants from Nagpur

Elevate Your Garden with Exotic Plants from Nagpur

Elevate Your Garden with Exotic Plants from Nagpur - Bharatvarsh Nature Farms

Having an appealing garden at home can be a dream for many. With proper care and love, having your garden filled with aromatic and beautiful plants is a reality that’s not far away! If you are a beginner and planning to build your garden from scratch, consider buying exotic plants for garden. Not only will it enhance the entire look of your house, but it will make it aromatic too!

Even if you are considering elevating the look of your old garden and adding an elegant touch, make sure you bring exotic plants for garden in Nagpur. To make the most out of your landscape in Nagpur, nothing can be better than a garden full of exotic plants! It is the most rewarding hobby you can start this summer. Make sure to read till the end to find out how to start building your garden or, even better, a nursery filled with exotic plants that attract every eye!

Steps To Build and Elevate Your Garden

Gardening can become one of your best leisure activities after a stressful and hectic day. You can turn your barren space in Nagpur into a flourishing garden with little effort. And, if you are a plant lover, you can even build an exotic plants nursery in your landscape at Nagpur.

Do you need clarification about where to start and what plants to add to your garden? Planning and creating a garden may seem tedious, but with the proper guidance, you will undoubtedly do wonders! You can assemble and even enhance the entire garden with specific manageable points.

  • Think About What Plants You Want to Add: The first question you need to consider is what plants you want to add to your garden. Do you want it to be an exotic plant garden, vegetable and fruit garden, or all of these? Even combining these types can create an attractive space in your house!
  • Pick The Right Spot: After considering the types of plants to add, the next step would be to select the right spot in your yard that will best fit the requirements of the chosen types! Observe closely, find out the areas that receive proper sunlight or shade, the kind of soil, etc., and plant them accordingly. You can buy exotic plants in Nagpur from Bharatvarsh Nature Farms and grow them as their sun and soil requirements in your yard enhance the impression of your house!
  • Clean The Area: Once you select the spot to set up your garden, the next probable thing would be to clean the entire area. Remove any weeds and waste from the area and make certain sections to start planting.
  • Prepare The Beds: Before you start to plant, loosening the entire area is paramount so your plants can breathe easily and flourish by accessing all the essential nutrients from the soil. You can do this by digging the soil after slightly watering it.
  • Planting: The last step is planting the seeds or saplings in the prepared plant beds. However, consider their sowing season before planting so your exotic plants do not wither!

Different Kinds of Exotic Plants To Add To Your Garden

If you dream of building a plant nursery, consider adding exotic plants to your collection. These plants will add to your garden’s beauty and provide it with beautiful features. Here’s a list of exotic plants for garden that will brighten your entire house!

  • Cyclamen: This attractive plant with heart-shaped leaves and aromatic flowers is an exotic plant to add to your garden. Cyclamen is ideal, blooms best during winters, and needs less water to grow! This exotic plant is perfect if you are browsing for indoor plants in Nagpur, as it thrives in indoor spaces too! However, remember to prevent it from drought conditions and excessive fertilizers, as it may damage the plant entirely!
  • Poinsettia: With dark green leaves, this shrub is in high demand and one of the best choices to add to your collection. The flowers of this plant come in different color ranges, making your garden more vibrant. Keeping the soil moist, avoiding excessive watering, and under direct sunlight is the key to making Poinsettia glow!
  • Bird Of Paradise: With pointy and multi-colored petals, Bird of Paradise looks gorgeous! The petals resemble that of a bird and have a unique appearance.
  • Peace Lily: Another fantastic choice is Peace Lily, with its wonderful white-shaded flowers. This plant lasts long, and its splendid spathes are its primary attraction.
  • Cherry Tomatoes: Besides flowers, adding some exotic vegetables is a good option too. Nothing can be better than vegetables freshly harvested from your garden. Cherry tomatoes are a tasty plant to add to the list as it brings some great taste to the table, and even kids love their vibrant colors! You can easily access cherry tomato seeds and search for plants online in Nagpur to get some readily available options!
  • Lettuce: This green and leafy option is another must-add-on in your garden. It is easy to grow and requires minimum care, and the best part is that they taste better than most other stores’ options.


If you want to enjoy fresh fruits, growing fruitplants is relatively easy! There are hundreds of other options in exotic varieties to raise an attractive garden in your yard in Nagpur! You can own the best plant nursery with proper care and knowledge about the plants.

To get top-notch plant seeds, get them from Bharatvarsh Nature Farm to ensure the quality of the plants! And to experience the goodness of nature at your doorstep, visit Bharatvarsh Nature Farm. Located in Nagpur, we offer a wide range of organic plants as well as high-quality organic ghee, paneer, and milk. Our online platform makes it easy for you to browse and purchase these products from the comfort of your home. Experience the purity and taste of organic farming by shopping with us today.

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