Consider using A2 Malai Paneer for a healthy diet

Consider using A2 Malai Paneer for a healthy diet

Every one of us is well aware of the importance of consuming nutritious food for our overall health. A healthy diet is a must for a healthy body and mind. People, these days, have become even more conscious about what they are consuming and how it impacts their body.

Food laden with chemicals and preservatives hasadverse effects on the body’s functioning. Unprocessed and unadulterated food items have immense benefits, as these items have their nutrients intact to supporthealth and wellbeing. Off-late, there has been ample awareness about the goodness of organic food. This has also led to natural and sustainable farming as well as animal rearing practices.

Dairy products have always been important in the Indian diet since ages. One of the very popular dairy items in our diet is MalaiPaneer. Not only it tastes amazing, but it is also rich in protein, which makes it a very popular choice among majority of vegetarians. Recently, the A2 Malaipaneer has become popular as it is even healthier than regular paneer. Let us explore in detail regarding why you should add Paneer to your diet.




What is an organic A2 Malai Paneer?

To increase the quantity of milk, the cattle are injected with growth hormones and antibiotics. Even if the overall milk yield improves, the quality deteriorates significantly. Dairy products made from this milk also have low nutritional value and negative effects.

Organic A2 milk is naturally produced from indigenous cow breeds like Gir, Sahiwal, etc., without using any such hormones. Only the natural fodder is given as cattle feed, which does not contain any chemicals. This milk is pure and unadulterated, and is of very high quality. Furthermore, the milk is not processed so as to preserve the vitamins and minerals present in it. This enriches the quality of the dairy products, which are produced from organic A2 milk. A2 Malaipaneer is made from this unprocessed Organic A2 milk using a natural process.



Difference between A1 paneer and A2 paneer

Regular paneer is obtained from the A1 cow milk. There is a difference in quality as it is produced in huge quantities for commercial purposes. The source of this milk is western and hybrid cow varieties like Jersey and it is not the milk from indigenous or Desi cow varieties. Because of the different protein structure present in this milk from hybrid cows, the chemical composition varies. It is well reported that A1 milk products cause more lactose intolerance and also impact metabolism. But A2 milk products are very safe and regular intake of these products improves immunity.



Benefits of A2 Paneer

Even if A2 Malai Paneer is a bit costlier, it has its share of benefits that makes it a healthy choice. But if you have doubt about whether it is worth spending higher, we have discussed some of the benefits of A2 paneer here:

1.  Low on carbs and high on Monounsaturated fats

A2 paneer is a powerhouse of nutrients like protein, vitamins, and minerals. It strengthens the muscles and improves the body’s metabolism. Besides, the content of saturated fats is lower and Monounsaturated fatsin the case of A2 paneer.

2.  High source of Calcium

Calcium is a very important micronutrient, and it helps in strengthening the bones. A2 paneer is a very good source of calcium and the calcium present inmilk is in absorbable form. As we very well know that calcium is very essential for children in growing stage,therefore, consumption of A2 paneer is highly recommended for children.

3.  Easy Protein Digestion

Paneer made from A2 cow milk gets easily digested and thus gives a feeling of fullness. It is a complete food as it has all the essential nutrients. It can also be consumed by people who are lactose intolerant. It does not lead to digestive problems like bloating. You do not feel heavy as the casein protein present in this paneer can be digested easily.

4.  Contains Essential Amino Acid

A2 paneer is also rich in essential amino acids. These amino acids help to sustain vital body functions like nutrient absorption, tissue repairand recovery process.

5.  High in Antioxidant

Antioxidants are great for mental as well as physical health. They reduce stress, promote healthy ageing, and offer plenty of other health benefits. A2 paneer has high levels of antioxidants and thus, including it in your diet is a very healthy option.

6.  Effective on Weight

Generally, people tend to avoid paneer, as it is considered a high fat product, which can add kilos to your body weight. But in-fact, A2 paneer is immensely rich in protein and comparatively low in fat. Which means, Paneer is low in calories and can be consumed without worrying about weight gain. It keeps you full for longer hours and help in reducing frequent hunger pangs.

Besides, A2 paneer also contains CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acids that burn excess fat. So, it energizes the body and nourishes your health as well.

7.  Effective for Lactose Intolerant

Lactose intolerance is a very common problem these days. Normally dairy products contain galactose which worsens this condition. But A2 paneer can be safely consumed even by lactose-intolerant people.



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