Mud House

The mud houses nestled amongst trees ensure that you are closer to nature and become one with it. Each mud house has: An air-conditioned bedroom with bathroom amenities Attached hall for comfortable sit out / additional guest Air cooler for a real natural feel Small lawn area with sit out

Camping Tent

A no-frills stay is offered here so that you wake up to the earthy and serene surroundings of nature to make your holiday a perfect one. Each Camping tent has: Cots with bedding and common bathroom facility Arrangement of light and air cooler for a real natural feel Secured and open lawn area for sit-out

Traditional Games

At Bharatvarsh, we have a specially marked area for traditional games including Ankh Micholi, Lagori, Ticker-Billa, Musical Chair, and a dedicated area for several other engaging games to cherish some beautiful moments recalling your childhood.

Kids Play Area

A specially designed play zone for kids has swings, rides and trampolines to entertain kids from 2 years to 12 years of age. Kids visiting at Bharatvarsh love to spend hours in this zone while their parents sit comfortably at Lake view restaurant watching them play.

Over the lake Swings

The perfect setup for your dream picture, these swings are a fascinating place that attracts all the visitors to our farm. You are right above the lake when you fly up on the swing and get a magnificent bird’s eye view of the surrounding lake from these swings.

Heart Garden

The heart-shaped Garden at Bharatvarsh is the center of attraction for the visitors at farm. They can sit on the Amphitheatre style arrangement and can simply spend hours watching the magnificent lake. The loud music with lighting arrangement here in the evening can tempt anyone dance to the tunes.

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