10 Easy Steps to start an Organic Garden at Home?

With the growing public awareness for the pollution and pesticides in food items, many individuals desire to integrate organic foods into their regular meals. These organics are often substantially more expensive than their conventionally farmed equivalents. Good this is that you can start organic gardening at home at your home if you love gardening and […]

How does the health of soil impact your health?

It is evident that nutritious food keeps us healthy, and a major part of our food grows on soil. It may be hard to believe, but the health of soil does have an impact on your health. Soil is a major source of nutrients and as crops are grown on soil, it passes on these […]

What is the Best Plant Nursery to visit in Nagpur?

Flourishing greenery is quite alluring. With time, people have realized how important plants are, not only for the environment but also for our aesthetic peace. Many people have developed gardening as a hobby and once you turn towards gardening, there is no looking back. You will go on countless visits to the nursery, looking for […]

Silage fodder and production at Bharatvarsh Nature Farm

Silage is a form of animal feed utilized by dairy producers worldwide. Silage is given to various livestock, including cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats as an alternate to green fodder. There is the biggest shortage of green fodder, then it is summer time and then in rainy season from July to October months, sufficient amount […]

One day Outing at Bharatvarsh Nature Farm

We all need a getaway from our routine and demanding lives. All we want is some peace and a breath of fresh air. Nature has its unparalleled beauty. It can heal us in ways we may never understand. Nagpur is brimming with beautiful green woods and lovely lakes that are great for a day trip. […]

Know about Bharatvarsh Plant Nursery in Nagpur

A greener world is definitely a better world. The alarming rate of pollution, extremities related to climate and weather change, make us all turn to plants for rescue. More plants mean fresher air and a better environment. With time, people have become more environmentally conscious. They want to create their own green space and invest […]

Tortoise Temple

Lord Vishnu has many avatars and as per Puranas, Kurma avatar or tortoise …

Dairy Farm Visit

Visit to the dairy farm and see the cows closely will be a fun and educational …

Farm Visit

Visit our live farms at Bharatvarsh to know more about organic food and farming.

Food Forest

The food forest at Bharatvarsh is spread over 2 acres of area and has over 100 …