Best ecotourism destinations in and around Nagpur

Ecotourism is all about responsible travelling. Presently, sustainable living has been grabbing attention as environmental consciousness is being promoted. As environmental conservation is the need of the hour, ecotourism is being prioritized as it is centered around the environment and helping the local communities. It is a booming industry as more ideas are being developed […]

Best One-day Outing Place near Nagpur

To get a break from our monotonous and hectic life, we all need an escape. Quiet scenery and lungsful of fresh air are all that we seek. Nature has its own beauty, and it is unmatched too. It can heal us in ways we will never know. Nagpur is loaded with lush green forests and […]

A one-day trip to nature destination can help you unplug from the digital world

With everything digitalized, we spend hours and hours online. Be it social media, work, or even online classes, screen time has been increasing drastically for everyone. Kids these days hardly get free space to play and enjoy. This has been a major problem recently as kids are losing their interest in outdoor games and activities. […]


Each one of us in today’s technology world is seeking peace and calmness. Especially with the daily hectic schedule, it becomes difficult to find enough quality time for relaxation. It’s important to find some time and go for an outing or a vacation with your loved ones to relieve yourself from the stressful and busy […]

One day Outing at Bharatvarsh Nature Farm

We all need a getaway from our routine and demanding lives. All we want is some peace and a breath of fresh air. Nature has its unparalleled beauty. It can heal us in ways we may never understand. Nagpur is brimming with beautiful green woods and lovely lakes that are great for a day trip. […]

Tortoise Temple

Lord Vishnu has many avatars and as per Puranas, Kurma avatar or tortoise …

Dairy Farm Visit

Visit to the dairy farm and see the cows closely will be a fun and educational …

Farm Visit

Visit our live farms at Bharatvarsh to know more about organic food and farming.

Food Forest

The food forest at Bharatvarsh is spread over 2 acres of area and has over 100 …

Medicinal Garden

The specialised medicinal garden at Bharatvarsh has variety of indian …