How does the health of soil impact your health?

It is evident that nutritious food keeps us healthy, and a major part of our food grows on soil. It may be hard to believe, but the health of soil does have an impact on your health. Soil is a major source of nutrients and as crops are grown on soil, it passes on these […]

Is it true that your food is your medicine?

Research has established that dietary habits have a major influence on the risk of diseases. Thus, food has medicinal effects and offers strong protection against illness. Nutrients help in promoting health and creating immunity to fight diseases. Pharmaceutical drugs and supplements may help in faster recovery, but they come with associated additional side effects. These […]

Silage fodder and production at Bharatvarsh Nature Farm

Silage is a form of animal feed utilized by dairy producers worldwide. Silage is given to various livestock, including cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats as an alternate to green fodder. There is the biggest shortage of green fodder, then it is summer time and then in rainy season from July to October months, sufficient amount […]


We are producing consistent supply for complete variety of seasonal …


We have 25 Acres of fruit farms producing variety of seasonal fruits …

Cereals / Pulses

Seasonal crops of are cereals and pulses are regularly grown at Bharatvarsh …


Our Gulkand is made with 100% fresh garden roses in the most hygienic and …

Cultivation of organic Cereals & Pulses at Bharatvarsh Farms

Cereals and pulses are both classified as grains, which are often thought of being hard, dry seeds with modest diameters. The grains are primarily of five types: cereals, pulses, whole grains, pseudo cereals, and oil seeds. The plants that produce grains are also generally referred to as grain crops. First, we’ll look at Cereals. Cereals […]

Cow dung-based fertilizers and pesticides for organic farming

Organic farming methods are being encouraged as people have become more environmentally conscious. Extensive use of chemicals in farming not only affects the quality of the product but has negative effects on the environment too. Toxic chemical compounds affect not only the soil quality but the air quality as well. The commercial production generally demands […]

Why intercropping is a necessity in organic farming?

Intercropping is an ancient agricultural method. While it is traditionally used without technical understanding, modern farmers may reap excellent crops with updated scientific knowledge of intercropping, technology advantages, and precision agricultural instruments. Intercropping is done for various reasons, including conserving space and resources, ensuring greater yields in the event of low returns from the primary […]